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The Long Ride In...

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God, I love Fishing!

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If you can tell me what kind of fish this is, then you are looking in the wrong place! ;-)

Trolling With Live Bait

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Fishermen Catch the Darndest Things

Blake Robinson hauled in a keeper mackinaw trout and quickly gutted it, while ice fishing from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  He was more than a little shocked to discover a human thumb in the fish's belly!!!  Turns out the thumb belonged to Utah resident Robert Lindsay, who lost it in a boating accident the year before.  Preserved in the near freezing water, Lindsay's thumb was most likely mistaken by the trout to be an oversized grub worm.  Luckily, the thumb was retrieved before the fish's stomach acids could digest the unusual meal!

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Catch N' Release

Submitted by: Tim R.

“I’ve heard of people like you, but I never thought I’d meet one!” the fish seemed to say as I retrieved the hook from its upper lip.

I love to fish. Oh, how I love to go fishing.

Ever since Uncle Ally took me to the Shark River inlet on the coast of New Jersey when I turned four years old, I have loved fishing. My catch that day, almost 60 years ago, consisted of a two-inch blowfish I pulled up with a crab net, and a similar-sized shrimp I acquired with my hook and bamboo pole. And Uncle Ally, he could spin a yarn - especially while fishing.

“How did the river get its name?” I asked.

“Some of the biggest, meanest sharks have been caught off this bridge,” he said through a moon-faced grin beneath his wide-brimmed straw hat. “Men with twelve-inch diameter reels and one-inch thick rods would haul in monster sharks off the bridge we are standing on this morning. Smelly dead chickens full of maggots for bait, impaled on six-inch hooks tied to wire line, worked every time.”

As I took the shrimp from my hook, I smiled thinking I’m glad no shark grabbed my sand warm this time. I’d never be able to pull in a shark!

Through the decades that passed (I am now 63) I’ve heard of Catch and Release. In the past, I’ve regarded C & R people as different. I would think to myself Hey, if you don’t like eating fish, give them to me, never realizing their deeper motivation...until lately.

Please understand that next to fishing, my Number 2 sport is eating - especially fish.

Well, a couple of summers ago I decided to try C & R, and did I get blessed.

I’m out on Lake Montrose in Montrose, Pennsylvania in a canoe casting with a weighted rubber worm, when something aggressive hits my hook. Up he comes through the water’s surface and shoots at least three feet into the air. The sun glistening off its dark wet back. Water drops splashing everywhere exhibiting rainbow colors of refracted sunlight.

After three displays of acrobatic high leaps and dives, I have him at the side of the canoe. Now, he is banging and thrashing like a bobcat caught in a cardboard box. I lean over the side of the canoe and whisper “Hello fish. Don’t you know I’m into catch and release?”

The 18-inch smallmouth bass stops thrashing and seems to be listening more intently than most people. One eye looks into mine with an expression that says "I’ve heard of guys like you, but I never thought I’d meet one."

I reached down into the water and grabbed that mighty fish by his lower jaw. After holding him up for a closer look, I removed the hook, smiled and lowered this worthy opponent to his arena - the cool lake.

He wiggled off to parts unknown, leaving us both content.

Catch and Release fishing adds a new dimension for both fish and fisherman.

Fish is happy to be free.

Fisherman is free to be happy with the Catch and joy to Release the fish.

I hope you don’t wait 60 years to try C & R … I guarantee a blessing if you try it today.

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Galveston woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria

HOUSTON  -- A Galveston woman died Tuesday after she was infected with a flesh-eating bacteria, officials told the Galveston County Daily News.

Ginger Ling’s family said she lived to cook and, sadly, cooking is what ultimately may have led to her death.

“We are going to miss her a lot, it was very fast a lot faster than we thought, we didn't know," said her daughter, Tammy Bage.

Last Sunday evening, Ling, a former Bolivar school cafeteria worker, was cleaning fish at home before a family dinner. She purchased the flounder and stony crabs from a fish market, and lobster from a grocery store.

"She's worked with fish all her life with all seafood," Bage said.

But this time, the mother of four and grandmother of seven, who suffered from arthritis, hit her arm on the kitchen faucet.

"It was more of a scratch up her arm,” Bage said.

Later that night, Ling complained of a burning sensation, and by Monday morning she was in the emergency room, her daughter said.

"It had swollen up just several times its normal size," Bage said.

Ling’s arm was black and purple from her knuckle to the top of her arm.

She died Tuesday from a flesh-eating bacteria. While it hasn't been confirmed, her condtition may have been caused by vibrio, a bacterium.

It can get into your body if contaminated seawater gets into a wound or if someone eats contaminated seafood.  It's especially dangerous for those with auto-immune disorders.

“Her skin was so thin anyway from the rheumatoid arthritis and all the steroids, you know we could scratch ourselves and it would be no big deal, but it could be, it would be bad for her," Bage said.

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Sea Sickness Tips

Everyone has had an experience with motion sickness at one time or another. Weather you are out 30 miles or just near shore. It’s a bummer to have to return to the docks do to a sick fishing buddy or worse a buddies sick girlfriend or wife. Not that I want to hog all the femininity but most girls don’t do well in 3 to 5 swells. There are a good few that can take it for the reward at the end.

One of the first steps in dealing with any sickness is understanding what is wrong so that you can mentally deal with the problem. This is very important in dealing with sea sickness. Sea sickness starts with the inner ear, and gets worse from there.

Your head aches, you are sick to your stomach, your mouth waters and you basically feel the worst you have ever felt, you are not really sick, just out of balance. At times your skin is actually green. No question about it, you feel bad, but you must remember you have no disease, just a motion problem. You can do a lot to cure yourself, and very quickly.

Some things to remember: Fresh air is good but you want to stay low and to the stern of the boat. That is where you will encounter the least motion. The bow of the boat pounds through the waves, up and down the stern drags through the water. The ride is much smoother. The boat rocks from side to side. The higher you are the more movement you encounter.


There are several good medications on the market. The best is probably the scopolamine patch by Transderm Scop. It is still a prescription medication but usually easy to obtain with a simple call to your doctor. Dry mouth is usually the only side effect, but that is true with most all sea sickness medications.

There are several over the counter medications but the one we like best is Bonine. Drowsiness is the side effect but less so with Bonine than with other brands. To be effective you should get this medication in your system 8 hours before you board the boat. If possible, sleep on it and take more when you board the boat and you tend to be less drowsy. That way, it’s in your system and working when .you wake up.

Smooth Sailing is a ginger drink that many people say works quite well especially to settle your stomach. Combining smooth Sailing and Bonine can work well also. Wristbands can work for some people but are not generally considered the best remedy.

Severe sea sickness can be treated by using a combination of both the scopolamine-patch and Bonine and almost never fails. But you should check with your doctor. The side effect is hunger and more drowsiness. (A nice tuna on the end of your rod is a good cure for drowsiness!)

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Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

Sunscreen: The white goo you slather on before you go to the beach or out on the water. Sunscreen keeps you from getting fried to a crisp. It helps prevent your skin from getting that wrinkled, leathery look. And it protects you from the ultraviolet rays that causes skin cancer. Sunburn, caused by a type of ultraviolet (UV) light known as UVB, has served as a surrogate for more serious conditions like melanoma and basal and squamous cell carcinoma, three forms of skin cancer. If you prevent sunburn, you prevent skin cancer, right?

Not so it seems, Sunscreens do protect skin from sunburn, but a scientific debate simmers about the role of lower-energy ultraviolet light in skin damage and whether current sunscreens provide adequate protection.

In recent years, it has become apparent that a different form of ultraviolet light, called UVA, may be even more important in causing some skin disorders. Although experts still believe that UVB is responsible for much of the skin damage caused by sunlight — especially sunburn — UVA may be an important factor in photo aging and skin cancers. Most sunscreens do a good job blocking UVB, but fewer sunscreens filter out most of the UVA, so they do not help to prevent the beginnings of melanoma formation. So when you do that 2 minute shopping at the local store stop and do yourself a favor and actually read the sunscreen label. This may help in the future.

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