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"Reeling in a Really Big Bass is Truly a THRILL Like No Other! And Now with Bill Dance's Complete Bass Fishing Course You'll learn Bill’s best Techniques that Have Earned him the national Bass Fishing Recognition he has had for Over 35 YEARS!"

Plus: "Every Thing You Learn Is

Methods that can help you earn Top Seats in Every Bass Tournament YOU'RE In or Just Amaze YOUR Buddies On Your Local Lake!

A Bill Dance Move That Will Make Big Bass Literally Attack Your Lure almost Every Time.

Know The ONLY Time Of Day Big Bass Are SEVEN Times More Likely To Strike?

What Lure Colors Improve YOUR Catch dramatically During Different Conditions?

How YOU Can See Where Bass Are Hiding Like YOU Have X-ray

"Knowledge is the only SECRET to Bill Dance’s Amazing Success and now you can pick his brain!”
The complete course contains...
12 complete DVDs so you can see every detail and...
12 audio CDs to listen to in your car and truck so you can learn on the move.
"Your Buddies Will Be Amazed By How Much More YOU Know and How Many More Bass You Catch!"

     Your course includes more than 20 hours of information in all. Unlike others that just give you only bits and pieces, Bill really explains and shows you his tried and true methods of bass fishing!

If You're Really Serious About Bass Fishing, the Bill Dance Complete Bass Fishing Course is Sure to Improve your Bassin’ Success.

Did a Light Just Come On In Your Head?

Hello Friends, 

Bill Dance here, and I know as well as anyone that a day of bass fishing without a nibble isn't just disappointing - it's down right embarrassing! Hey, you might feel helpless right now, but it’s probably not your fault!
The truth is, without really understanding bass instincts, water conditions, weather and baits , at times you're lucky if you catch anything at all. But now, my Complete Bass Fishing Course can help you fish like a PRO! 

Do you struggle with the following problems? ?
You Can Never Find The Big Bass.

You're Confused About What Bait To Use In Different Waters and Conditions.

You're Disappointed or Embarrassed When You Spend A Whole Day On The Lake And Come Back Empty Handed.

Your Friends Always Seem To Catch More and Larger Bass Than You.

You Don't Know How To Teach Your Children or Grandchildren How to be Better Anglers.

I'm Going To Help YOU!
Just Look at All You Get!

bill dance fishing course

bill dance fishing course

DVD Volume – 1

When it comes to bass fishing, few words could be more important than “structure.”
What does it mean? Simply put, “structure” is anything that makes the physical make-up of a lake’s smooth floor different.
This could be a depression, a creek channel, a rise, a point – anything different. Such places are important because they’re where bass often hold and use.

“All about Structure” features three informative chapters:

Chapter 1 - My Favorite Points
Chapter 2 - Magic of Open Water
Chapter 3 - Bill’s Favorite Structure

DVD Volume – 2

Discover various ways that Bill likes to fish differing configurations of what he often refers to as “America’s most versatile lures.” Whether its summer, fall, winter or spring . . . whether the water is shallow or deep, muddy or clear, cold or hot . . . there’s a spinnerbait that will produce.

“Popular Techniques for Spinnerbaits” features three great chapters on techniques that are sure to improve your bass fishing:

Chapter 1 – Waking Um’ Up
Chapter 2 – Bass Like Um’ Deep Too
and Chapter 3 – January through December

DVD Volume – 3

“A certain amount of expertise is required to be consistently successful when fishing the surface for bass.
Most experienced bass fisherman would agree, there’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing a big bass explode into a top water lure. But you’ll experience it far more often if you learn some techniques that Bill covers in the three chapters of this volume.

Chapter 1 – Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 2 – Spookin’ Bass
Chapter 3 – Buzz Dancin’

DVD Volume – 4

“Three Popular Soft Plastics Lessons,” contains great information, techniques, and tips on fishing three very popular soft plastics – the worm, the tube and the zellamander, or lizard.

The chapters are entitled....
Chapter 1 – There He Is!
Chapter 2 – Bass Fishing’s Toughest Times
Chapter 3 – Carolina is Finer

DVD Volume – 5

When it comes to covering a variety of water depths quickly, no fishing lure equals a crankbait, and there’s no telling how many bass are caught on them each year.

Contrary to what a lot of anglers think, there’s a lot more to fishing crankbaits than simply tying one on chunking. Depth, type of presentation, type of bait, color – the list goes on and on, and that’s what the three chapters on “Crankin’ Out Crank Bait Tips” is all about.

They are:
Chapter 1 – Skinny or Fat
Chapter 2 – Ten Crankbait Factors to Consider
and Chapter 3 – Rebirth of a Classic

DVD Volume – 6

“Fishing the Seasons” includes 4 information packed chapters to help improve your bassin’ success during summer, fall, winter and spring.

Chapter 1 – Winter Time Fun
Chapter 2 – Springtime- Ain’t it Great
Chapter 3 – Dog Days after Dark
and Chapter 4 – A Dependable Fall Pattern

DVD Volume – 7

Just as the name suggests, it includes 3 chapters with tips on fishing three of the toughest situations to be found in the sport.

The chapters are entitled....
Chapter 1 – Thank the Good Lord
Chapter 2 – Chilly Pond Tactics
and Chapter 3 – Craw Buggin’

DVD Volume – 8

“Fishing in the Salad” discusses the three primary types of weeds and grasses that bass fishermen will encounter - emergent, floating and submergent.

Bass use them all and each one needs to be fished somewhat differently.

“Fishing the Salad” features three informative chapters which are sure to up your success in this type of cover:

Chapter 1 – The Stuff Bass Like
Chapter 2 – Buggy Whippin’ a Bass in a Cattail
and Chapter 3 – Diggin’ Um’ Out

DVD Volume – 9

Many of today's “hot new techniques” for bass were spawned from methods used to catch other fresh & salt water species.
Some of them came from foreign waters to American waters, while others have simply been refined and receive a lot of publicity due to the fact they catch fish and lots of um!

This DVD contains 3 chapters on techniques that you’ll enjoy learning and putting to use.

Chapter 1 – Drop Shotting
Chapter 2 – We’re Going Swingin’
and Chapter 3 – It’s What You Can’t See

DVD Volume – 10

Bass that live in small waters are really no different than those in big impoundments. Their behavior is the same -- it's governed by the seasons, water clarity and temperature, and they relate to cover, open water, and even structure just like their relatives in the large reservoirs.

There’s a multitude of such areas available to most anglers and understanding their peculiarities can offer unique fishing opportunities.

The three chapters in “Fishing Small Waters are:
Chapter 1 – Big Lake Tactics for Petite Waters
Chapter 2 – Channel Bassin’ in the Wetlands
and Chapter 3 – Small Water Quiz

DVD Volume – 11

Thoroughly understanding some of these important things about bass is essential in any fisherman’s quest to outwit them.

Three informative chapters include:Chapter 1 – Did You Know?Chapter 2 – Whew! What’s that Smelland Chapter 3 – Got to See it to Eat it

DVD Volume – 12


Chapter 1 – Sharing with Others
Chapter 2 – I’d Like to Know
and Chapter 3 – Questions from Around the Country

IMPORTANT: Remember, Each DVD Comes with a sister AUDIO CD with Bill's Latest Knowledge on Each DVD's Title Subject!

I'll bet you've always been a big believer in PROOF, right? So here’s proof positive that my Complete Bass Fishing Course will work for you....I have been blessed to have accomplished the following in my fishing career:
Tournament Info:

23 National Bass Titles: Classic qualification 8 out of 9 years; 1969 Angler of the Year; 1974 Angler of the Year; 1977 Angler of the Year; 1978 Congressional National Water Safety Award (Past Recipients: Lloyd Bridges and Jacques Cousteau); 1986 National

Freshwater Hall of Fame and 2001 Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

Favorite Lake: Pickwick Lake, TN – Biggest Fish: (Bass) 14 lbs. 1 oz

Books: Practical Black Bass Fishing; There He Is (The Art of Plastic Worm Fishing); Techniques on Bass Fishing; and Bass N’ Objects, Bill Dance on Crappie and Bill Dance on Largemouth Bass.

Magazines: most major outdoor magazines including: Sports Afield, Field And Stream, Bassmasters, Outdoor Life, etc.

Regional Newspaper: Mid-South Hunting and Fishing News

Television Career: “Bill Dance Outdoors” (BDO) has aired since 1968 with over 2000 shows in its history. Bill has produced over 20 educational videos on a variety of subjects. BDO currently airs four times per week on the Outdoor Life Network.

List of Sponsors: Bass Pro Shops, Blakemore, Blue Lizard Suncream, Chevrolet Truck Division, Fisher Marine Boats, Gamakatsu Hooks, Lindy Little Joe, Mercury Marine, Motorguide Trolling Motors, Motorola, Stren, Renosky Lures, Penzoil, Plano Molding Company, Pradco Lures, Heddon,Bomber, Excalibur, Riverside, Arbogast, Rebel, Cordell, ProCraft Boats, Progressive Insurance, and Zebco Corporation.

Promotional Work: Sea World, Rancho Shocks, Cypress Gardens, Champion Spark Plugs, “Catch a Dream”, Sara Lee, Kroger Food Chains, Tyson Foods, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Arthritis foundation, “Make a Wish”, Dreams Come True, Du Pont (Agri Division), Banquet Foods, Underwood Meats, Bryan Meats, Keebler Company, Children’s Museum, Ducks Unlimited, OLN (Outdoor Life Network), St. Jude Children’s Hospital, U.S. Forest Services, and Tennessee Department of Tourism.
"Here's just a little of what you'll learn in the first few lessons..."

How far do largemouth bass travel from home?

How and why does light affect the Largemouth Bass?

Do bass live in schools, or are they loners and why?

Do flavored lures really work?

What are the preferred spawning habits of Largemouth Bass?

What are the best food sources at different times?

Do bass that live in deep water have a different personality?

Can largemouth bass smell? You better find out!

How do the solar and lunar cycles change fishing conditions?

Can bass forecast the weather, days in advance?

Do largemouth bass really have high IQs?

How do the different colors of your lures affect Bass?

Can bass really see colors?

Can bass can tell the water temperature?

How does bass metabolism affect their habits?

What are the differences between structures and covers?

How you can benefit by using a lake map and depth finder?

There's lots, lots more...



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