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 Years ago there was a show about a smart Dolphin on television called "Flipper". Flipper was a cute mammal which could perform numerous tricks and on almost every episode he managed to save someone's life.

Flipper made millions aware of dolphin and after that show aired many people fell in love with dolphins.

In the Atlantic Ocean there is a fish that is also called a dolphin. It is a long fish of the pelagic variety and is loved by fishermen for its hard fighting nature and acrobatic leaps when hooked. It also makes great table fare.

It was just a matter of time before some confusion arose in grocery stores and fish markets over which dolphin was a fish and which was a mammal. The result of this confusion was settled in a politically correct fashion by changing the name of the fish variant to Mahi Mahi.

Bill Parcells was just hired by the Miami Dolphin football team and many know him as the "Tuna". Today the Tuna announced that the Dolphins will henceforth be known as the Miami Mahi Mahi.

Many fans of northern teams like the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and the New York Jets are elated to hear the news of the name change. Now when they yell out, "squish the fish" they will be 100% correct. And besides the odor comming out of Miami this years smells not unlike that of a bag of discarded fish heads tossed out of a car by a salty dog.

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