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Quality Time

When I was a young man of 15, My grandpa took me fishing.
Separated by a generation
We watched the Sunrise on the Columbia together, in equal awe.
That man gave me a revelation that day.
He said, "Son, You're doing life wrong. Stay in school, so you can get a good job.
Stick with the right crowd, and live life day by day.
I can see you are sad, but life isn't always this bad."
He taught me how to catch a sturgeon with a strip of shad on my hook.
We sat in that boat on the Columbia for most of that day, and I thought about a lot of things.
I experienced the thrills of fighting the Great White Goddess of the sea, with that old West Wind in my face.
I look back now and realize that all that lower back pain is what kept me sane.
My grandpa is right about many things I now see.
He taught me how to be a man... Just doing the best I can. 

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