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This story was related to me many years ago down in Laurel Mississippi.
Jerry and his friend Pete gathered up a couple bags of Catalpa worms and headed to the Pascagoula River for a days fishing for bream.

They had their small jon boat anchored in a narrow cut through a bayou. After awhile, a large boat with several rather tipsy fisherman in it roared up to their little boat and stopped - nearly swamping the small jon boat. A beefy faced guy in the boat hollered out "Hey, ya catchin any fish?"

Jerry indicated that they were not catching anything. The red faced guy then asked "Whatcha usin fer bait?" Jerry indicated that they were using catalpa worms. The drunk roared out "No wonder! You're usin' the wrong kind of bait!" The big boat roared off.

A little while later, the big boat came back, this time having to slow down to get past the small jon boat. The guy with the red face who had done all the talking before was in the back of the boat with a Lucky 13 hanging out the end of his nose!

Already starting to howl, Jerry yelled out "Are you catching any fish?" The sheepish drunk didn't answer - just shook his head no, with the lure swaying back and forth from his nose.

Jerry yelled back "No wonder! You are using the wrong kind of bait!!!"

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